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Make money writing

You can make money writing,if you write very informational blogs or hubs and do not copy others content.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Did I mention Backlinks?Backlinking to your main website or niche is the fastest way to make money online with your products.
Backlinks can be easy to do if you follow the message I have here in this guidebook.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Learn how to make money through your blog or website.

Want to learn how to make money from that website or blog.
I have found a person that has many good answers to this question.
People put all kinds of banners on their site and nothing ever seems to come of them.
They can't figure out how to convert these banners into money.
This program is proven and will generate money for you,if you follow each guideline in the program.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make money writing

Make money with a site already producing.You can purchase one through google websites right here.
You can buy a website already making money,which gives a person a great advantage over those just starting from scratch.
Now I know you would like to get rich quick,but it won't happen overnight,unless you have thousands of dollars to invest,and that could be a mistake.Google ads is the place to aquaint yourself with how to make money,as the google posts here will direct you in the right direction,showing you how to pick a good niche and keyword search tools,that google supplies free.
It does take a little time but the best way to learn is through google itself.
Google has videos and how to do a search for a lucrative niche so you and google can make money and sell your products with a good monthly income from your ads.
It took me over a year to make any money online,and I am still learning.
But I did find that if you write about quality content,you can make some extra cash.
I wouldn't advise you to quit your job yet either,until you get a good niche started.
After that start you will have to dedicate many hours updating your site.
Oh by the way you do not have to spend money on a web site as Blogspot is free and the main requirement is no sexually expicit materials are allowed.
Another free site is,and they have the same type of rules that google has. is another free site also and gives a person dofollow backlinks to their main niche.
The main thing you will want to remember when writing is make the page over 500 words long,using keywords from the url,header,and throughout the page.
The reason for using keywords is to attract the search engines to crawl over your page and send buyers to the ads you have placed their from google.
The ads will be associated with the content of your blog,hub,etc.
The first thing is finding a good niche to write about and the way to find this is google keyword search.It will tell you how many visitors click on that topic you want to write about.
Lets say your topic is on how to catch trout.
Now that you have a topic,the keyword tool will tell you how much a buisness will pay to bid on say catch trout.But most of all do not waste time running all over the net looking for advise as right here google is asking you to join them and earn money.
If you would like to sign up for free without any costs and start making money,you can join here hubpages.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have found that the best way to make money blogging is to have multiple accounts such as Hubpages,blogetery,twitter,facebook,wordpress,quondo,your own web site to name a few.
Now with all of these sites you can write a lot of content and backlink to one main blog.You need to write every day as you have to get on the front page of google or you will not be found by person's wanting to buy that specific product.
You also need to find good keywords to post on your blog.
You can go to google keyword search and see how much traffic a word will get during the month.Now you find a good title to write about,with the keyword in it also.
You need to write at least a 500 word page and use the keyword at least three times in the text.
Now you will add a post every day and will write about the same item or object that your title refers to.

Such as something you are familiar with and know about.Then you keep posting new articles around this main subject and use backlinks to that main page.
Backlinks are places like she told me,hubpages,quondio,twitter,facebook etc.You need to spread the word around to get indexed by Google or you will never make it to the front page.
Front page means =you type the name of your blog into search and it pops up on the first search page of google.Now you will get people clicking on that title of yours and coming to your blog.
Now you will want to sell something that coinsides to you title.
You will write a revue on the subject you are selling so people will click on the ad and make you money.
Google has all sorts of gadgets you can place on your blog,just don't over due it or the page will be cluttered and people will leave,because they think you are making them buy something.
Some of the best articles that make money are how to do things,or how to repair something or where to buy a good book on make money writing.
To find a good keyword you need to go to google keyword search and type a word that you want to write about,say money and it will tell you how many people click on that word and how much they pay to advertise on that site using that word.
It will take a while for you too see any money being put into your account,which reminds me that you will have to join Google Adsense also.
No it doesn't cost money to join Google adsense if you want to write just content pages,but if you want to write content for search pages,it will cost you money to do this.
It only takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for most of these sites,and is well worth the effort if you want to make money writing as I do.Join here>

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

How to make money blogging

It's not easy to make money writing blogs but if you put your mind and soul into it you can make money.
The way you make money with a blog is to pick a niche or subject you know something about and write on how to cook,ride bikes,fish,etc.
After you update your blog every day you will start to see money on your earnings report at adsense.
If you have an e-bay account you can promote your products on a blog also.
Same goes for Amazon,which you promote products that people are interested in buying at this time of year.
What you want to do is find keywords such as trout or fishing and write a story on that subject,any subject that has high paying keywords will make you money.To find a keyword you need to type google keywords in the search box and then type the keyword you are looking for to write a story about.
Say the keyword is cooking and then you type the caption in and click search.The search engine will tell you how many people are looking for trout and what it pays per click,plus how many visits it gets per day and month etc.
Just remember it takes time and alot of writing to make money online.
Do not fall for the person who wants to sell you an e-book for $19.95,that explains how you can become rich in two weeks,it doesn't happen,unless you buy the book and he makes the money from you and hundreds of others who have fallen in this trap.
It took me 2 years to earn a payout and as time goes by the earnings will come quicker as you add to your blog and or websites.
Also there is another site I write on which is called which lets you earn money from also.
So if your ready to give it a try just join me here at

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Make money writing like I do by writing articles on how to do subjects of your likeing.
Some people write about cars,all terrain vehicles,sports,computer hardware,pretty women,you name it.
I write my stories or blogs at,or and publish them.Google Adsense places ad content on my stories,relevent to what I am writing about.
When people click on an ad,you earn a percentage of the revenue.
You have to write about things people are interested in to get any clicks on the ads or impressions as that is what will make money for you online.
You can also place amazon,e-bay and other ads on you sites,to earn money.
It is a learning experience as you will not make money immediately with the stories you write about.They have to be indexed by Google,Yahoo,Bing and so forth before people will read your stories.
But once they start reading your stories,you will soon generate money from them.
Remember to write about good content so people will visit and come back to your site for more good reading.
If you write more then one storie,you need to backlink to the other storie and vice versa.You can also e-mail your sites to friends,so they will visit your site.
You can do all of this free,without spending a dime,unless you decide to buy adwords.
Adwords are keywords you bid on that are rlevent to your writings.Say you write a story on (how to catch trout)Now you want to buy adwords for trout,and you place a bid for that word.If you win the bid,Google will direct traffic to your story on (how to catch trout) and you will get the percentage of money generated the clicks allowed by your contract with Google Adwords.
But you do not have to buy adwords too make money.
Google will set you up with their free directions in minutes.
Also Hubpages will set you up in a matter of minutes.
One last thing,you cannot show pornography on these sites or you will be banned.

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