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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It is important not to place a bunch of junk on your blogs as this takes away from people clicking on a google advertisement.
You will learn as you advance,as google and hubpages will help you write better articles through there respective on line classes[FREE].

Now that you know a little about making money writing,you may be interested in reading one of my hubs as an example at

You can also make money with DATA ENTRY
If you can type you can make money sending bills out for big companies,or whomever needs billing help.

You can make money stuffing envelopes.

You can make money with GOOGLE ADSENSE

You can start with a mere $5 dollars.All you do is bid on keywords that are relative to your stories,say like and when people click on your adds,you recieve a percentage of the money..
Google will train you for free on how to get clicks,how to backlink your stories,they will show you how to place affiliate programs on your site,all free.
Now if you join the adwords program it will cost a mere $5 dollars as I stated before,and when people click on your keywords you will earn money.
Remember the better your story is the more people will come visit it.
Why is this?because google will place your story on the first page of the search engines.
Say I am looking for a hub on fishing instructions for catching trout!
I will type into the google search box how to catch trout,There you have it.You are on the first page of google by writing good content which will make you money when people click on the google ads,or affiliate programs such as amazon and e-bay.
It sounds hard but it is relavantly easy to get the hang of.Just don't get discouraged,as it will take a few months before you will see income being made,but it will come if you write good content and most of all do not copy other stories or you will not make a penny.
Good Luck on your endevers.

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