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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Make money writing like I do by writing articles on how to do subjects of your likeing.
Some people write about cars,all terrain vehicles,sports,computer hardware,pretty women,you name it.
I write my stories or blogs at,or and publish them.Google Adsense places ad content on my stories,relevent to what I am writing about.
When people click on an ad,you earn a percentage of the revenue.
You have to write about things people are interested in to get any clicks on the ads or impressions as that is what will make money for you online.
You can also place amazon,e-bay and other ads on you sites,to earn money.
It is a learning experience as you will not make money immediately with the stories you write about.They have to be indexed by Google,Yahoo,Bing and so forth before people will read your stories.
But once they start reading your stories,you will soon generate money from them.
Remember to write about good content so people will visit and come back to your site for more good reading.
If you write more then one storie,you need to backlink to the other storie and vice versa.You can also e-mail your sites to friends,so they will visit your site.
You can do all of this free,without spending a dime,unless you decide to buy adwords.
Adwords are keywords you bid on that are rlevent to your writings.Say you write a story on (how to catch trout)Now you want to buy adwords for trout,and you place a bid for that word.If you win the bid,Google will direct traffic to your story on (how to catch trout) and you will get the percentage of money generated the clicks allowed by your contract with Google Adwords.
But you do not have to buy adwords too make money.
Google will set you up with their free directions in minutes.
Also Hubpages will set you up in a matter of minutes.
One last thing,you cannot show pornography on these sites or you will be banned.

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