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Friday, November 20, 2009

How to make money blogging

It's not easy to make money writing blogs but if you put your mind and soul into it you can make money.
The way you make money with a blog is to pick a niche or subject you know something about and write on how to cook,ride bikes,fish,etc.
After you update your blog every day you will start to see money on your earnings report at adsense.
If you have an e-bay account you can promote your products on a blog also.
Same goes for Amazon,which you promote products that people are interested in buying at this time of year.
What you want to do is find keywords such as trout or fishing and write a story on that subject,any subject that has high paying keywords will make you money.To find a keyword you need to type google keywords in the search box and then type the keyword you are looking for to write a story about.
Say the keyword is cooking and then you type the caption in and click search.The search engine will tell you how many people are looking for trout and what it pays per click,plus how many visits it gets per day and month etc.
Just remember it takes time and alot of writing to make money online.
Do not fall for the person who wants to sell you an e-book for $19.95,that explains how you can become rich in two weeks,it doesn't happen,unless you buy the book and he makes the money from you and hundreds of others who have fallen in this trap.
It took me 2 years to earn a payout and as time goes by the earnings will come quicker as you add to your blog and or websites.
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