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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make money writing

Make money with a site already producing.You can purchase one through google websites right here.
You can buy a website already making money,which gives a person a great advantage over those just starting from scratch.
Now I know you would like to get rich quick,but it won't happen overnight,unless you have thousands of dollars to invest,and that could be a mistake.Google ads is the place to aquaint yourself with how to make money,as the google posts here will direct you in the right direction,showing you how to pick a good niche and keyword search tools,that google supplies free.
It does take a little time but the best way to learn is through google itself.
Google has videos and how to do a search for a lucrative niche so you and google can make money and sell your products with a good monthly income from your ads.
It took me over a year to make any money online,and I am still learning.
But I did find that if you write about quality content,you can make some extra cash.
I wouldn't advise you to quit your job yet either,until you get a good niche started.
After that start you will have to dedicate many hours updating your site.
Oh by the way you do not have to spend money on a web site as Blogspot is free and the main requirement is no sexually expicit materials are allowed.
Another free site is,and they have the same type of rules that google has. is another free site also and gives a person dofollow backlinks to their main niche.
The main thing you will want to remember when writing is make the page over 500 words long,using keywords from the url,header,and throughout the page.
The reason for using keywords is to attract the search engines to crawl over your page and send buyers to the ads you have placed their from google.
The ads will be associated with the content of your blog,hub,etc.
The first thing is finding a good niche to write about and the way to find this is google keyword search.It will tell you how many visitors click on that topic you want to write about.
Lets say your topic is on how to catch trout.
Now that you have a topic,the keyword tool will tell you how much a buisness will pay to bid on say catch trout.But most of all do not waste time running all over the net looking for advise as right here google is asking you to join them and earn money.
If you would like to sign up for free without any costs and start making money,you can join here hubpages.

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